Cancellation of the 2020 Schools of Instruction Announced

Friday, August 7, 2020 Brother,

The Council of Administration, our advisors, and our Ritualistic Committee and I have been following closely the rapidly changing Covid-19 pandemic responses in our state and local governments. There has not been a significant reduction in cases for our state and many counties to have confidence to open public schools or allow for large indoor gatherings. In fact, many counties and cities have returned to more restrictive measures to mitigate the health risk for their citizens.

Fall District Schools of Instruction (S.O.I.) are set to start on September 19th. Our Ritualistic Committee and our Grand Lecturers and our District Deputies have been preparing for these schools with precautionary measures. However, we have been receiving notices from our brothers of some serious concerns for their safety as well as the safety of our Grand Lecturers and our Grand Lodge leadership.

Therefore, with the advice of the Council of Administration and our advisors, I have determined that the risk is too great to hold our SOI’s across our state this year in the usual format. However, the COA and our Ritualistic Committee are offering an alternative solution. Our new plan is to offer all lodges an “individual lodge ritual training class” on request.

Any Lodge that wishes to engage a class must contact our Ritualistic Committee Chairman directly and work out date’s times and details. This will help you, the leadership in our lodges to train together with a qualified instructor in your own lodge to perform the necessary Web Work and degree work safely and proficiently. If we practice and prepare, we will be ready to bring new men into our craft safely and in a quality manner that they deserve when this crisis abates.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

M∴W∴ Anthony W. Borum Grand Master, 2020-2021

Cancellation of the 2020 Grand Master’s Reception –

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases
out of an abundance of concern for the safety of
our Brothers, friends, and families,
The Grand Master has announced the cancellation of his

Which was to be held 25 July 2020.

Location – The Old Centerville Pump House
4311 West 1325 Road, Centerville, Kansas

The Grand Master issues Edicts Postponing the Annual Communication and Suspending all in-person Masonic Meetings, Degree Work, and all Masonic Community Events

Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety and wellbeing of our Brothers, their families, and their communities, Grand Master Tony Borum has issued the following edicts.


Suspension of all in-person Masonic Meetings, Degree Work, and all Masonic Community Events


Postponement of the 164th Annual Communication


Installation of your 2020-21 Grand Lodge Officers

In conformance with and under the authority of the Constitution and By-laws of our Jurisdiction, on Friday, March 20th, 2020, at the Grand Lodge building in Topeka, Grand Master Delmus  R. “Dale” Morrow formally turn over the leadership role as Grand Master to Deputy Grand Master Anthony W. “Tony” Borum. Brother Borum was duly elected Grand Master at the previous Annual Communication in Wichita and has served as Deputy Grand Master since that time. M∴W∴ Morrow personally performed the installation. This installation that usually takes place as a public event was instead completed with only necessary attendees present. This was done out of an abundance of caution and to follow the recommendation of the Center for Disease Control. We will do our best to bring that installation to you as a recorded video.

Your current elected Grand Lodge officers, which includes Grand Senior Warden Mikel J. Stoops, Grand Junior Warden Michael D. Johnson II, Grand Treasurer B. Cole Presley, and Grand Secretary Tracy L. Bloom, will retain their offices until the 164th Annual Communication can be held, and the official election of officers takes place.

All 2019-2020 appointed Grand Lodge Officers’ terms ended on March 20th at Noon.

All 2020-2021 appointed Grand Lodge Officers’ terms will begin soon. Further information about this will be sent at the appropriate time.

Click on the image to view the program of the public Installation that was to take place.


164th Annual Communication Postponed

It is with a heavy heart and out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety and wellbeing of our Brothers, their families, and their communities, that our Grand Master, M.W. Dale Morrow, with the full support of your Council of Administration and the leadership of our Grand Lodge, has determined that the 164th Annual Communication will be postponed. The 164th Annual communication will be held at a time and place yet to be determined. When such a decision is made, due notice will be sent to all Members of the Grand Lodge and to its constituent Lodges.

Please know that this decision was not made lightly, and those involved in this decision are genuinely sorry for all the inconveniences it might cause. We thank you for your zeal and your service to your Lodge and to our Ancient and Honorable Fraternity.

May the Grand Architect of the Universe Bless and Protect you and your families.