Area 5 Proficiency Contest Unveiled on Sept 7th.

Area 5 Proficiency Contest
Official Rules
One of the three lanes of the updated Vision 2020 plan set forth at the 157th Annual Communication is excellence is esoteric work. In the 2012-2013 Grand Lodge year, only 13 proficiency cards were issued for the entire State of Kansas. The Area 5 Proficiency Contest was begun to promote interest in obtaining proficiency cards in the Area 5 Lodges, and to add a bit of friendly competition between Lodges in the process. The prize is a six foot tall championship trophy to commemorate the winning Lodge’s achievement.
The scoring system is as follows:
“B” Proficiency Card 100 Points
“A” Proficiency Card 200 Points
“Master’s” Proficiency Card 300 Points
“Unlimited” Proficiency Card 500 Points
Proficiencies earned from the close of the 157th Annual Communication on March 16, 2013 to the opening of the 158th Annual Communication on March 21st, 2014 are eligible. Entry forms are due to the Area Deputy Grand Master by the opening gavel of the 158th Annual Communication, either by electronic means or in person. Copies of all proficiency cards earned should accompany entry forms.
The total point score for the Lodge shall be the sum of the point values for all proficiency cards earned by Brothers who are on your official roster as a member of your Lodge. Brothers who hold membership in more than one Lodge, or Plural membership, may only have contest points in one Lodge. A Lodge’s total score will be divided by the number of members of that Lodge, as published in the Advanced Report of the 158th Annual Communication (this is to give large and small Lodges a more equal opportunity to participate). The Lodge with the highest quotient will be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by a coin toss.
The Championship Trophy will be awarded at the 158th Annual Communication.

3rd Annual Leadership Academy to be Nov 2nd in Topeka

SAVE THE DATE and SAVE $$ by registering for the Third Annual Leadership Academy now! Simply download and print the form below and mail your reservation to Grand Lodge to hold your place for what promises to be the best Academy yet.

The 2013 Leadership Academy will be held on Saturday, November 2 at the Capital Plaza Hotel and will feature keynote speaker Andrew Hammer, PM of Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22 in Alexandria, Virginia.  The author of the wildly popular “Observing the Craft,” W:. Bro. Hammer will speak on contemporary America Freemasonry and the challenges and opportunities we face.  Combined with our other breakouts, we will also have previews of the new Masonic Education course that will be offered state-wide starting in 2014!

This year, plan on attending the Kansas Masonic Foundation’s charity auction to be held Friday night at the Capital Plaza Hotel, as well. More details on that event will follow.

Rooms may be reserved at the Capitol Plaza Hotel at special Grand Lodge rate of $59 9+tax) which includes one breakfast.  Mention “Grand Lodge of Kansas” to receive your special rate when you make your reservation.

Don’t miss this year’s Leadership Academy!

Click here to download and print the registration form

Tentative Course Outline available here.

Mark you Calendars for Town Hall Meetings

Grand Lodge wants to hear from you!  There are two Town Hall meetings planned in the near future and all are invited to attend to listen to what is planned, ask questions and provide input.  Information will range from integrating your lodge into the Grand Lodge strategic plan, current programs and resources, the rapidly changing demography of Masonry in Kansas and the potential need to adjust districts again, and much more.  Secretaries that have questions about the new database or the upcoming annual report are especially encouraged to attend, and there will be a separate breakout for them. The next planned meetings are Saturday, October 13 in Emporia, and Saturday, October 20 in Scott City.  Mark the dates now, and contact the Grand Lodge office for more details.

Pre-Registration Open for Kansas Mason License Plates

With negotiations being finalized with the Kansas Department of Revenue for the Kansas Mason License Plate, many minor details are still being worked out. One critical item is that the Grand Lodge needs to show an interest of at least 500 Masons who would be eligible to purchase these plates. Kansas Masons who would like to purchase a plate after January 1,2013  are asked to notify the Grand Lodge office (785) 234-5518  that they would like a plate. This can be done by emailing or calling the Grand Lodge office and have your name added to the list.

The legislation requires that the Grand Lodge provide a written consent form for the member requesting the plate. This pre-order list will allow the Grand Lodge office to arrange for that letter ahead of time. Kansas Mason License Plates will only cost an additional $25 in addition to the State and County Taxes and Fees. The Funding received by the Grand Lodge will be split between the Grand Lodge Library and Kansas Freemasons Charities Inc.

President of CHIPs International to Speak in Coffeyville


Denny Robinson, the President of CHIPs (Child Identification Program) will be attending the Grand Master’s Town Hall Meeting in Coffeyville, KS on April 21, 2012 from 9.00 am to 11.30am.

The Grandmaster will be on hand to answer any questions of concern to the craft and Robinson will be on hand to provide ideas and instructions on how to enhance the Kansas CHIP Program.

Masonichip International is a 501(c)(3) public charity and resource for espousing Child Safety Education and assisting Masonic Safety Identification Program Events across North America. They are recognized by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and are a featured partner on their TAKE 25 Campaign…“Take 25 minutes for Child Safety.”

For more Information about them click the link below.

The Location of this Town Hall is 106 E 7th St, Coffeyville, KS 67337.

Heritage Lodge No. 458 to hold its first meeting.

With an overwhelming vote from the craft at the 156th Annual Communication, the newest Lodge in Kansas was formed. Heritage Lodge No. 458 is an Affinity Lodge and claim as their hallmarks, the love of riding motorcycles and for the ritual of our sacred art.  This is only the second Lodge to be formed is this manner, following Justice Lodge No. 457 last year.

The first meeting of Heritage Lodge will be on April 26, 2012 at 8.30pm. Their meeting will be held at Ben Hur Lodge No. 322, located at 1442 S 30th, Kansas City, KS. The Grand Master will attend and will present membership pins to members of Ben Hur following the meeting. The agenda for their first meeting will be to adopt their By-Laws and to install the appointed officers.

Charter Members of Heritage Lodge #458 are:

Mike Tanner           Worshipful Master     


Mike Matteson       Senior Warden

Don Matteson         Junior Warden         

Warren Arnold       Treasurer

Tim Fowler                Secretary

Russ Given

Vic Adams

Clifton Glidewell

Though still in their infancy, the members have made great strides toward getting organized by drafting By-Laws and organizing their member requirements. They have also set up a Facebook page to make it easier to reach out to thier membership as well as to those who would like to attend their communications.

Click the link below to learn more about them.

History Making 156th Annual Communication in Session.

With an auditorium filled with about 350 masons, representing over half of the lodges represented in Kansas. The public session began with the Grand Procession and reception of visiting dignitaries. Kansas Masons and their ladies were able to hear reports from the several appendant bodies recognized in Kansas.

The formal Tiled session began on time with the Grandmasters address, who wholeheartedly thanked the craft for giving him the opportunity to serve as Grand Master. Reports from the Kansas Masonic Foundation and the Kansas Masonic Home showed that Kansas Masons are working hard to continue their charitable endeavors.

At 1130, the craft adjourned to one of three breakout sessions before return to their work in the Tyled session. The afternoon session held debates and votes over 5 different By-laws Proposals. There was also the presentation of a petition to charter a new lodge.


Upon an overwhelming vote of he craft, Heritage Lodge #458, was created and the Grandmaster ordered the charter officers to report to the lodge room for installation once the Grand Lodge was at refreshment. This is only the second lodge in almost 50 years to be created by such a vote.