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Enabling the Masonic Explorer in All of Us

The greatest compliment to Masonry is an animated desire to learn more about it.  In a bold move, Kansas Lodge of Research (KLOR) has re-engaged in their vital role in Masonic Education to assist brothers in their pursuit.  Where the new Masonic Education course supports lodges with a broad general knowledge of our gentle Craft, KLOR desires to be the premier resource for the individual Mason to find more definitive answers to their questions.

KLOR is taking its mission to the next level.  The Grand Lodge constitution directs KLOR to conduct research, gather and preserve Masonic information, assist in the maintenance of the Grand Lodge library, and supply speakers.    The new model of KLOR is to enable the Masonic explorer in all of us.   This has been a missing part of a robust Masonic Education initiative.   KLOR is going to assist individual Masons in satisfaction of their Masonic curiosity beyond further light. Enablement strategies that will give a head start to any Mason in pursuit of further light are: Research, Publish, and Speak.

Research.  There is a dizzying array of resources available on just about any facet of Masonry one can think of.  Determining where to find those resources is the challenge.  KLOR’s first mission is to begin assembling and making available a comprehensive list of resources, including volumes already in possession at Grand Lodge.  The vision is that any KLOR subscriber will be able to conduct a comprehensive electronic worldwide search of Masonic holdings and intellectual resources.  Near term, however, getting the Grand Lodge library online with key volumes digitized is KLOR priority one.

Publish.  While the purpose of researching is to answer questions and explore the Masonic universe, KLOR will encourage the capture of the explorer’s findings as publishable articles with distribution to the Craft. The vision is to get so many Kansas Masons writing that we need to begin our own quarterly publication, Kansas Journal of Masonic Research, to handle the demand.  The Journal will be at the quality level to rival the best publications such as those from Philalethes and Masonic Society.   The Journal, however, will cater to the everyday Mason who wishes to become more knowledgeable and engaged within his own lodge.   KLOR will be looking for peer articles that talk about items of interest to the wider body of Masons and not complex or obscure aspects of interest only to a few.  KLOR wishes to encourage budding authors to take on the challenge of writing and will assist them in getting the best works published.  The first outlet for these works will be The Kansas Mason starting with the next edition.

Speak.  Having a Masonic author come and speak on his topic of interest usually makes for a well-attended lodge event and helps entice further study by the attendees.  As KLOR publishes works by top authors, those authors will become available as part of the Grand Lodge Speaker’s Bureau to present their works at your lodge, district, or area event.  We have a lot of talented Kansas Masons.  It’s time to encourage them to share their passion for the betterment of the Craft.

How to get engaged.  Find a niche or area of curiosity.  Research and write about it.  Share it with others.  The mysteries of Freemasonry purposely pose challenges to us all.  Each of us can devote a lifetime to study and never fully unravel its windings.    Yet, the pursuit itself can provide great fulfillment.  Surely, you’ve asked yourself why we do some of the things we do or say some of the things we say in our esoteric work.  Can’t get a straight answer?  Make it your mission to find the answer, write about it, then share your findings.  Kansas Lodge of Research will help you along the way and even pay you a stipend for your written work and for speaking about it.

Contact: Interested in Research, getting Published, Speaking or simply becoming a member?
Send an email to  KLOR@kansasmason.org.
Membership for 2015 is $10.  Follow this link to pay your membership fee.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.