Annual Communication to Feature Historical Apron Presentation

Bro. Patrick Craddock

Noted expert on Masonic aprons and regalia, author and historian, Bro. Patrick Craddock of Conlegium Ritus Austeri No. 779, Nashville, Tennessee will be speaking at the 155th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Kansas in Salina on March 18, 2011.
Craddock, who received his Master of Arts degree (Middle Tenn. State Univ. ’92) and Master of Philosophy ( University College of Wales – Aberystwyth ’01) in history, is a contributing author to Encyclopedia of Tennessee History, C. Van West, ed., as well as a past-curator of

exhibits at the Carter House Museum, Franklin, Tennessee. Initiated, passed and raised in O.D. Smith Lodge, No. 33, Oxford, Mississippi, he is a life member Hiram Lodge No. 7, Franklin, Tennessee and the sitting J.W. of Conlegium Ritus Austeri No. 779 in Nashville ( as well as a charter member of same). Additionally, he is the owner of The Craftsman’s Apron, manufacturers and providers of the highest quality Masonic regalia extant.

Custom-made apron created by Craddock

Bro. Craddock will present one of four Masonic education sessions during the Annual Communication.

His talk,  “Properly Clothed & Vouched For: Historical Masonic Aprons & Regalia” focuses on the development of the Masonic apron from its origins to the present day.

According to Craddock, Masons traditionally were responsible for their aprons, sometimes making them themselves, or crafted by a family member, and they brought them to lodge with them. Additionally, many of these aprons were decorated with masonic symbolism from the simple to the intricate.

“It’s a comparatively recent development that Masonic lodges supply cloth aprons to their members and guests,” he said, “but it hasn’t always been that way.”

Craddock’s presentation will trace the operative origins of the the Masonic garment and other Masonic regalia through the 18th and 19th centuries, showing hand-crafted and machine-made aprons from America and Europe. His presentation – the time to be determined – will be open to Masons and their ladies.