34 Raised to Master Mason at C2A

The Grand Master’s Chance to Advance Class for 2014 provided a superior forum to pass 31 Entered Apprentices to Fellow Crafts and 34 Fellow Crafts to Master Masons. The all-day event was held at the Wichita Scottish Rite Center on Saturday, August 9, 2014 with the full contingent of Grand Lodge officers present. Degree work was exemplified by the corp of Grand Lecturers who put on their best work.

Six past Grand Masters were present as were Area and District Grand Masters from across Kansas. “This is the only class this year”, M:. W:. Michael Halleran, Grand Master, said as he open Grand Lodge to start the class. M:. W:. Jeff Sowder, Past Grand Master 1997 remarked at the break that for those who missed the event, “the Grand Lecturers do great work and it shows in the many lodges who exemplify the high quality degree work .”

Remarks from one of our newest Master Masons, “This was an awesome experience. It has inspired me to seek even more light.”