Abdallah Divan Announces Support of Background Checks

The Divan of Abdallah Shrine in Overland Park announced their support of the new Grand Lodge petitions and the requirement for background checks on all petitions in a formal resolution on May 8.

New petitions for the Mysteries of Freemasonry, dual and plural membership, which include a provision for mandatory background checks were developed in early 2012 by the Council of Administration and required for us by all lodges under the edict of Grand Master Donald D. Newman, Jr.

The Resolution, signed by the entire Divan, echoes the comments of the Grand Master that our members are “not getting the job done” as far as investigating candidates for the degrees, and states that the Abdallah Shriners Divan “is serious about the moral and upright character of EVERY man we accept into our ranks.”

According to Potentate Michael J. Tavares, “all of the Abdallah Shriners Divan supports the background investigations,” adding that all officers signed “of their own free will” and not under pressure from Shrine leadership.

When asked why the Divan had taken the step of passing a resolution, Tavares said, “I think the biggest thing is that we feel it’s the right thing to do. From our perspective we all agree that we have been falling short in investigations and we as Shriners have to step up and get the kind of guy who has the right stuff to be a Mason.”

Formed in 1887, Abdallah Shrine is the thirtieth Shrine temple chartered in the United States, and was the first of five Shrine Centers to be chartered in Kansas.  For more information on Abdallah Shrine, visit their website.