Another Strategic Planning Session, Another Success.

Following very successful Strategic Planning sessions in Morland and the Leadership Academy in Topeka last fall, Wyandotte Lodge No. 3 hosted a Strategic Planning session on Saturday, January 21, 2012.

Rick Reichert, Grand Senior Warden, led the session and started the day with a smooth flowing presentation on the importance of every lodge having their own individualized Strategic Plan to help assure future successes and growth.  He outlined the components of making a successful Plan, based on proven business models, and how every lodge should address their specific needs in small steps.  He emphazied that every Strategic Plan is uniquely different in respect to each lodge and, that the Grand Lodge of Kansas has absolutely no involvement in making a lodge’s individual Plan other than providing requested resources (such as these sessions).

With Reichert’s assistance, over 50 masons from 18 lodges openly brainstormed with each other, sharing thoughts, ideas, and strengths/weaknesses of their lodges.   Many participants were able to flesh out major parts of a Strategic Plan, and all participants left with new ideas and a potential game plan for starting a Strategic Plan in their respective lodges. 

The brethren and ladies of Wyandotte Lodge No. 3 were gracious hosts and allowed access to all parts of their spacious new building.  Coffee and pastries were available all morning and a free hot lunch was served at the end of the session.

More Strategic Planning sessions are being planned and can accomodate any number of participants.  If your lodge would like to host a session, a lodge representative needs to contact your Area or District Deputy Grand Master or Grand Lodge for scheduling with R:.W:. Rick.