Arizona Deputy Grand Master Ousted

Arizona Deputy Grand Master Michael Meier has been removed from office by the Grand Master of Arizona, D. Brook Cunningham, on December 26.

According to a January 2 letter sent by the Grand Master to all Arizona lodges, Meier was removed following a “pattern of disrespect and intentional disregard for the Grand Master’s directives.”

Unsubstantiated accounts of other high level Grand Lodge officer resignations have also appeared online . Masonic blogger Chris Hodapp has stated that the “Senior Grand Warden and the only other elected officer besides the Grand Master himself have recently resigned, as well,” although no details have been made public.

The Grand Lodge of Arizona website offered no information on any of the recent events and as of this writing, Michael Meier was still listed as the Deputy Grand Master.  There is no word on Meier’s replacement.