“B” Proficiency Exams to be Conducted at Grand Lodge

Kansas Master Proficiency Pin

Live-blogging from the Area/District deputy Orientation in Salina, it is just announced that “B” proficiency examinations will be held at the Annual Communication in Salina, March 18 – 19, 2011.

In response to questions from the assembled district and area deputies, DGM Tracy Bloom and GSW Don Newman announced that brethren wishing to be examined for the first stage of GL Kansas proficiency should appear at the annual communication prepared to complete the examination.

The announcement was prompted by concerns from the floor that the mechanics for earning “B” proficiency cards are very difficult for those brethren who belong to lodges that have no proficiency card holders to conduct the examination of new proficiency candidates. Kansas currently offers B, A, Master and Unlimited proficiencies in ritual work

“We’ll work out the details,” said GSW Newman, “and make sure that we have people on hand to conduct the examinations.”  Newman said that in times past, proficiency cards were awarded at the annual meeting, and that “with brethren asking us for help, we need to step up and provide it.”

Brethren wishing to be examined for “B” card proficiency at Grand Lodge should email Grand Lodge using the contact form on the Grand Secretary’s page, providing their name, lodge name and contact information (email address, phone number) to reserve a time for the examination. Only “B” card examinations will be held at the Annual Communication.

At present, time and day of the examinations are to be determined. Information will be posted in this space as scheduling issues are resolved, and brethren emailing Grand Lodge will receive confirmation details as they are finalized.