Childcare Available at Annual Communication

Job’s Daughters will be providing  childcare at this year’s Annual Communication in Salina (March 16), as a service to Grand Lodge and as part of their fundraising efforts.

The pricing will be as follow:
Lunch (11am – 2pm) Snack Provided
1 Child                   $5
2 Children            $10
3 or more            $15
Banquet (5pm – 10pm) Meal (pizza) and Snack Provided
1 Child                   $10
2 Children            $20
3 or more            $25

Children must all be from the same immediate family to get the quantity discount.

Parents will be required to fill out a form providing the following information when dropping their children off.
·         Child’s Name
·         Emergency Contact Information
·         Age
·         Allergies / Medication
·         Relevant Medical Conditions
RSVP is required.  RSVP’s should either be emailed to fred (at) salinamasoniccenter(dot) org or called into (785) 823-5441
RSVP’s must be made by Saturday, March 10th.  Drop-In’s may be refused based on availability.