Cliff Porter to Speak at Justice Lodge Aug 13

Nationally-known Masonic author and commentator Cliff Porter will be the featured speaker at the August stated communication for Justice Lodge No. 457, which is slated to meet in the quarters of Emporia Lodge No. 12 on Saturday, August 13, 2011.

Cliff Porter is W:. M:. of Enlightenment Lodge No. 198 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he works as a homicide detective for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. Bro. Porter is also recognized nationally for his work in teaching and presenting on the areas of Subconscious Communications as it relates to personal interactions and communications. He has worked cases gaining international attention, been featured by the Biography Channel, and has lectured Internationally for the United States government and military, state and local law enforcement, private corporations, churches, and spiritual centers. He has had published a number of Masonic writings as well and is the author of The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry: Alchemy, Gnosis and the Science of the Craft, Masonic Baptism: A Postmodern Ritual for an Ancient Craft, and 10 Easy Steps to Being a Heretic.

The  meeting will tyle at 2 p.m. and  is open to all regular Masons.  A Festive Board will convene at 4 p.m. at Plumb Place in Emporia and is open to Masons and their guests. Cost for dinner is $25.  Seating is limited, please contact the lodge secretary for reservations.

Invitation and Reservation Details Here.