Commitment Still Needed for Kansas Mason Plates

For the last two years the Grand Lodge, with no small effort from Assistant Grand Secretary Joesphe Stiles, has endeavored to have an official Kansas Mason License Plate created by the State of Kansas. The Kansas Legislature passed the bill that allows for the plate and kicks off a fundraising endeavor.

In the works for a while, almost 350 Kansas Masons have committed to purchasing a plate, the Kansas Department of Revenue requires a commitment of the purchase of at least 500 plates before they will begin printing. Grand Senior Warden Daren Kellerman has stated, “This program can provide a large number of moving billboards for Kansas Masonry. We just need enough Brother Masons to sign up.”  Once 500 Masons have committed to the program, printing can begin and the plates should be available shortly.

Unlike most vanity or other Affiliate Plates, the Kansas Mason Plates are not expensive. Each plate has an initial onetime fee of $45.50 to the State of Kansas and a $25 annual fee to the Grand Lodge of Kansas in addition to your local taxes and fees. This money, as directed by statute, will be split between the Grand Lodge Library and Kansas Freemasons Charities Inc. “Many of us will spend $200 on a nice Masonic wrist watch or ring. Why not spend $25 and help out our great charity and library?” stated Stiles.

If you want to purchase a plate or plates, send an email to Provide your name, member number, Home Lodge Name and the number of plates you are willing to purchase.