District 35 lodges jump-start Strategic Plans

The flyer beckoned Masters, Wardens, and any other officer or brother with a stake in their lodge’s future.  And they came.  Hosted by Cole Presley, District 35’s Deputy Grand Master, fifteen brothers representing eight lodges invested a September Saturday in a Morland cafe discussing problems, plans, and getting ideas to chart their way forward.  “These brothers jump-started their planning and we all came away with tons of great ideas”, said Rick Reichert, Grand Senior Warden.  “Strategic planning may sound like a big mountain to climb,” says Brother Presley, “but once we break it down, organize it, and put it to paper, it is a lot simpler than it first looks.”  Brother Reichert hopes that the participating lodges will share their plans and ideas for posting to the Vision 2020 area on the Grand Lodge web site so other lodges in need of ideas can get their plans going.  Next opportunity to get live help is the October 1st Leadership Academy in Topeka.