GL Scotland Pulls Recognition of GLNF

The Grand Lodge of Scotland announced yesterday that has withdrawn recognition of the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise – the French Grand Lodge considered by Anglo-American Freemasonry as the only regular jurisdiction in France.

The action by the Scottish Grand Lodge follows a lengthy period of turmoil at GLNF which has seen the French courts step in to resolve several long-standing disputes between a faction of the membership and the Grand Master, François Stifani. According to the statement issued by Scotland’s Grand Master, “the continuing state of affairs in the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise is liable to damage the International status of Freemasonry and it is therefore necessary that the reputation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland be protected.”

This decision by Scottish authorities expressly prohibits GLNF brethren being received as visitors  in any Lodge under the Scottish Constitution, denies visits by Scottish members to any Lodge working under the GLNF and prohibits any affiliation by GLNF members with any Scottish Lodge.

See the full statement here.