Grand Lodge Pursuing Masonic License Plate

With the birth of Vision 2020, our Grand Lodge Strategic Plan adopted by the Craft in 2010, a lot of questions have surfaced. How do we achieve so many of these goals? Your Grand Lodge has worked tirelessly since then with the focus of achieving these goals.

One goal in our Strategic Plan  concerns our image and visibility to the public.  With that goal in mind, a bill permitting Masonic personalized license plates was introduced in the Kansas House of Representatives Transportation Committee on February 1st.

R:. W:. Joesphe G. Stiles, Assistant Grand Secretary addresses the House Transportation Committee about the Masonic License Plate.

R:. W:. Joesphe G. Stiles, Assistant Grand Secretary, presented House Bill No. 2499 to this committee and stood for questions. The bill, upon passage into law, would allow for the production of a Kansas Masonic License Plate with funding from the plate to be used in part for the Grand Lodge Library and Kansas Masonic Charities Inc.

Click here to see a copy of the Bill

While many details of this bill and program are being worked out, it has cleared the committee and arrived on the House Floor for a vote. As with all House Bills, once they have passed, it will be presented to the State Senate and finally the Governor for his signature.  Once published in the Statute Book as law, the Grand Lodge can begin coordinating with the Director of Motor Vehicles to finalize the design and logistics of getting this plate available to Kansas Masons.

This project helps Grand Lodge accomplish a great number of things towards our Strategic Plan. having our Masonic Emblem on License Plates goes along ways towards improving our Image as well as making it a more recognizable symbol. The funds raised from these plates would allow the Grand Lodge Library to enhance its collection as well as be a better conduit for providing Masonic Education to local lodges thus improving the Masonic Experience. Funding from these plates applied to our newest charity, Kansas Freemasons Charities Inc, will make great strides towards ensuring that the charity is fiscally sound and able to perform its duties.

Many Masons will also have an opporotunity to make their plate a bit more personal by celebrating their achievment of being a Past Master or other roles through the adoption of smaller decals applied to the plate. This is still being developed by Grand Lodge as well.

No large program like this has ever been successful without help and support from the craft. We ask that you visit with your State Representative and Senator while this bill is moving through the Capital Building and show your support for this bill. Check back with the Grand Lodge Website for updates on this project.

Click the Link Below to find your House Rep and Senator.