Grand Lodge Repairs On-Going

By Tracy L. Bloom, Grand Master

In accordance with the goals and objectives we have set out in our Strategic Plan, we’ve begun maintenance and repairs to your Grand Lodge Building this spring.  This post is an update of the progress we are making.

Workers are nearing completion of the installation of a water and vapor barrier for the foundation walls of the building.  Some years ago a similar system was installed on the West side of the building and it was a great success in eliminating a moisture problem in that area.  This work is eliminating the moisture concerns on the East side of the building.  It was quite extensive but was necessary as the infiltration of moisture and water over time will start degrading the foundation walls and this method of prevention was deemed the best way to prevent that from occurring.

The workers first dug down to the footings of the building at the foundation walls, cleaned the walls of all debris, and coated the walls with a liquid sealant. Following the application of the sealant, they installed a rolled-type of moisture barrier followed by  a sheet of water conduits. At the bottom of the ditch is installed coarse rock and drain tile to divert the water.  The intent is to direct any water or moisture directly to the bottom of the foundation where the drain system will pick it up and allow it to drain into sumps that will then pump the water away for safe discharge.

This work should alleviate the water infiltration into the building on rainy days and when the snow melts in the winter.  With some minor repairs on the inside basement walls things should be back to normal in no time!

I will update you on further repair progress as events dictate.