Grand Master revises Background Checks Edict

M:. W:. Donald Newman, Jr. revised an earlier order that implemented the requirement for electronic verification of all petitions with a new Edict released in December 2012.  The new Edict makes optional the electronic verification for membership transfers between lodges in Kansas and petitions for plural membership in another Kansas lodge.  This move transfers the responsibility of “know your petitioner” from the electronic verification back to the signers of the petition and the investigating committee.  The intent of the original March 2012 Edict remains the same: To augment the ability of the investigating committee to ascertain the veracity of the petitioner’s characterization of himself.  While many lodges train their investigating committees to exercise due diligence in performing their duties, many others, sadly, either do not perform their duty or the nature of our highly mobile society makes it hard to know really know the stranger that desires admission.  Transfers and plural members should be a better known petitioner, therefore, the new Edict.

Edict of the Grand Master: December 2012