Grand Senior Deacon 2013-14 Announced

Assistant Grand Tyler B. Cole Presley will be appointed Grand Senior Deacon for 2013 -14. Deputy Grand Master Rick Reichert announced the appointment at the November 16 meeting of Justice Lodge in Hays.

Citing Presley’s experience and hard work as current Area Deputy Grand Master of Area 10, past District Deputy, and Past Master of Millbrook Lodge No. 281, Hill City.

Reichert described his selection process and expressed confidence is choosing the right man for the job.

“I have had the great fortune of knowing many brothers qualified and worthy so I feel that the selection that I have made is the absolute best man for the time. My selection has served in all the elected positions in his lodge except Treasurer. He has been a successful Worshipful Master of his lodge. He has served faithfully as both District and Area Deputy Grand Master. He has contributed as a leader and facilitator in both standing and special Grand Lodge committees and has contributed his time and talent at many Grand Lodge venues including Annual Communication break-out sessions and the Leadership Academy. His is also a charter member of the first 21st century Affinity Lodge in Kansas. Considering he was only initiated in July of 2001, these are outstanding and marked accomplishments for someone who has been a Mason just over 11 years.“

Among his many Masonic responsibilities, Presley is a member of the Millbrook Chapter No. 108, OES, Isis Shrine, and is currently Senior Warden of Justice Lodge No. 457.

The Grand Senior Deacon is traditionally elected Grand Master of Kansas. If elected by the Craft, Presley will be Grand Master in 2017-18.

Presley said he was “deeply humbled” by the appointment and that“I am a firm believer that the Grand Lodge of Kansas is the greatest Fraternal Organization out there. I am humbled to have been appointed and excited to do great work for Kansas Masonry.”