Leadership Academy Attracts Sponsors

The Grand Lodge is pleased to announce that Kansas Masonic Home will be sponsoring the second annual Grand Lodge Leadership Academy to be held this year on October 6 at the Kansas Statehouse, and that Abdallah Shrine will provide the course material to all attendees.


Partnerships like these will help ensure that Grand Lodge events deliver the most bang for the buck, said Grand Senior Warden Michael Halleran.


“Although sponsorship is nothing new with Masonic events,” Halleran said, “this partnership between the Kansas Masonic Home, Abdallah Shrine and the Grand Lodge will transform an ordinary training seminar into a first-rate conference. And that is a relatively new idea. Before, many of these events were done on a shoestring, sometimes with little preparation, and relying on materials from years’ ago.”


According to Halleran, since 2011, however, things have changed. “I think the Masons who attended last year’s Academy will testify to the fact that it was a huge jump in quality. We had a big name speaker, and the event was very well organized in an impressive venue. It will be even better this year,” he said.


Halleran noted that the entire Grand Lodge line is actively supporting the success of programs like the Leadership Academy – with the elected officers taking on planning roles.


“Now with the Masonic Home coming on board to actively assist the Craft, and with Abdallah Shrine also demonstrating its commitment to make this event a success, we hope to deliver on the promises we – the Grand Lodge – have made to the Craft: to promote quality, quality, quality.”


Robert Roswurm, the Director of Development at the Kansas Masonic Home was equally positive. “This partnership makes sense for Kansas Masonic Home,” he said.


“One of the strategic goals of Kansas Masonic Home is to actively promote a climate of growth, knowledge and effectiveness by becoming a learning and teaching organization. We are actively engaged in cultivating advancement on our campus through numerous partnerships. We believe that joining with the Grand Lodge to enhance the leadership academy will not only encourage the growth and development of Masons across the state of Kansas.”


Michael Tavares, Potentate of Abdallah Shriners was also upbeat about the chance to pitch in and make the event successful.


“When I first joined Masonry, I was told that one of the benefits of joining the Masons was that I would be taught to lead and be provided ample opportunities to lead. Now Grand Lodge is fulfilling their promise to Masons. Last year they launched a highly successful leadership seminar which was well attended. This year, they have put together another great program that will teach organizational leadership skills and touch on personal leadership skills as well. We, as Masons, need to converge on Topeka on the sixth of October to find further light in Masonry!”


The Leadership Academy, formerly known as the Warden’s School, has traditionally been the responsibility of the Deputy Grand Master. According to Rick Reichert, Deputy Grand Master for 2012, the emphasis on quality hasn’t been the only change that’s been made.


“The original Warden’s School scope was too narrow, concentrating on officers who would be using the knowledge gained for one or two years in preparation for their term in the East,” he said. “The Leadership Academy aims to develop confidence of any officer, committee chair, or member at large to take ever- progressive leadership roles in their lodges. Because this forum is oriented toward organizational leadership development, the principles are applicable to the entire Masonic family and you can see their enthusiasm through growing sponsorships.”


This year’s Leadership Academy is slated for Saturday, October 6 at the Kansas Statehouse and features renowned Masonic author Chris Hodapp as the keynote speaker. The registration form is included below and will appear in the next issue of the Kansas Mason.


2012 Academy Registration Form_2012