Live-Blogging From the Grand Lodge Leadership Academy

9:27 a.m.  The Leadership Academy has kicked off on-time with a huge crowd of 160 registered guests (and as yet uncounted unregistered Masons and their wives) in the very impressive House Chamber of the Kansas Statehouse.

9:35 a.m. W:. Cliff Porter, Master of Enlightenment Lodge No. 198 in Colorado and author of The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry begins the opening address.

Some Highlights:

“If Masonry can improve members of a lodge – can’t Masonry also improve upon Masonry?”

“In communications theory we most revere the senses of hearing, seeing and feeling,” which is very similar to Masonic thinking.

“In my work, I am an old crusty guy five years from retirement, but in Masonry, I am a punk.”

“I’ll trade a hundred guys with great ideas for one guy with a broom.”

“The idea that Masonry doesn’t grow, progress or change is radically, radically, false.”

“When you look at old grand lodge photos from the 1920s – the men we in their twenties.” The best thing we can do in Masonry, Porter stressed was to prepare the way for our successors.

Following Porter’s address, the attendees attended various breakout sessions.  Here in the House Chamber, R:.W:. Cole Presley, DDGM #35 addressed the responsibilities of Wardens in Kansas Masonry.