Reviving a Legacy

Throughout several periods in our great history, many Grand Masters have taken efforts to protect our great ritual. As early as 1876 M:. W:. Silas Sheldon expressed his concern of losing our proficiency because of the large number of Lodges that were being established across the state. His concern was that the fraternity was growing so fast in western Kansas that the craft would default on the ritual in favor of granting the Warrant for the Lodge. As a result, he denied many petitions just to ensure that ritual would stay in the forefront of Masons in Kansas.

We see this concern again in 1948 when M:. W:. Glenn Robison served as Grand Master. His concern was not due to the springing up of new lodges, but rather the massive influx of new Petitions of the Mysteries coming from all our boys who had returned home from the war. The other problem facing Robison was that there were only a handful of aging brothers across the state who were respected enough to be deemed “qualified” to educate new Lecturers. His recourse to that action was to establish the first Ritualistic Committee which was chaired by his Masonic Father, M:. W:. Jack Trice. This Committee gave birth to the system as we understand it today and caused the Grand Lodge Leadership in the 1970’s to establish the Trice Robison Award.

In examining our current state, it is evident that our problems are not in large numbers, rather the rapid reduction of the same and apathy about it. A part our refreshed Strategic Plan is to renew Excellence in the Esoteric Work. This goal, in particular, caused us to examine our current state and look at ways to renew our enthusiasm about our great and sacred ritual. Reviving the Trice Robinson Award seems to be an excellent way to do just that.

The revised version of this award causes a greater team effort and focuses not only on Ritual but Leadership and Education as well. With the final touches being placed on this Award, we intend to launch it at the Leadership Academy on November 2nd. For more information see our Grand Lodge Website,, or look for the flyer soon to come in the mail.

The form is available on the Downloads page of the Members’ Area.