Starting Your Strategic Planning

Still stewing on how to get going on your lodge’s strategic plan?  When asked why there is no standard Grand Lodge planning template, Rick Reichert, GSW, responded, “The plan is secondary to doing the planning.  Whether you chisel your brief plan in stone, create a 30 minute slide show, or detail it in a one-inch bound volume, the most important thing is that you’ve thought about what you want your lodge to be in 5 – 8 years and then devise a way to get there.”

Take a look at the Vision 2020 page.   One of the resources there is entitled, Strategic Planning for Lodges, which talks about why planning is a good thing.  There are accompanying slides to help you motivate your lodge officers to get excited about the planning process.  External links take you to sites that guide you easily through the planning process using a variety of methods and complexity.  Browse through the links and see if there is a version that suits your style.

Check the Vision 2020 page often.  Notes from the 35th District planning session  in September and materials for the Leadership Academy in October will be added in the next few weeks.