Vulcan Lodge Gavel Travels 53,692 Miles

By Don Wheeler
Vulcan Lodge No. 229, Walnut, Kansas

Vulcan Lodge No. 229’s Traveling Gavel has now logged 53,692 miles to 84 Lodges in four countries on three continents in addition to a cruise of the Caribbean.  Thirteen Grand Masters have wielded the gavel.

This summer the gavel was with Bro. Syd Grotier of Vulcan No. 4382 in Alfreton, England , traveling in the United Kingdom.  Bro.  Syd, three brethren (Brian Wooley, Michael Hitchcock, & Trevor Harrison), and two wives (Kim Harrison & Teresa Hitchcock), traveled with the gavel and personally returned it to Kansas by way of Bristow, Iowa in September.

George Jeffers who crafted the gavel then presented our English brethren with replacement gavels.  We then changed the chairs around and watched the brethren from Vulcan #4382 open and close on the 1st degree with a proper accent.  Then the Lodge was opened and after everyone was seated WM Trevor Harrison (No. 4382) presented WM Ken Wheeler (No. 229) with an engraved coal miner’s lantern on behalf of the brethren of No. 4382 (Vulcan No. 4382 is located in a coal mining region and Trevor works in one of the mines).

The gavel will not rest long from its arduous travel schedule. Next stop: Cedar Lodge No. 103 in Chanute, Kansas on Wednesday October 13th.  Lodges interested in accepting the gavel should contact Don Wheeler, Secretary, Vulcan Lodge No. 229. There are no fees or costs to accepting the gavel, but we ask that any Kansas Lodge that has possession of the gavel beyond ten days make a $100 donation to the Kansas Masonic Foundation Cancer Research Center.

You can view all of the photos from the gavel’s travels here.