Pre-Registration Open for Kansas Mason License Plates

With negotiations being finalized with the Kansas Department of Revenue for the Kansas Mason License Plate, many minor details are still being worked out. One critical item is that the Grand Lodge needs to show an interest of at least 500 Masons who would be eligible to purchase these plates. Kansas Masons who would like to purchase a plate after January 1,2013  are asked to notify the Grand Lodge office (785) 234-5518  that they would like a plate. This can be done by emailing or calling the Grand Lodge office and have your name added to the list.

The legislation requires that the Grand Lodge provide a written consent form for the member requesting the plate. This pre-order list will allow the Grand Lodge office to arrange for that letter ahead of time. Kansas Mason License Plates will only cost an additional $25 in addition to the State and County Taxes and Fees. The Funding received by the Grand Lodge will be split between the Grand Lodge Library and Kansas Freemasons Charities Inc.